Rocco Mediate close friend of RUSH's Alex Lifeson wearing Coppinwood Baseball Cap at the 2010 RBC Canadian Open

Rocco Mediate Wearing Coppinwood Baseball Cap

The Canadian Music Scene CREDITS: Paul Beaulieu for this Photo

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with and having a short interview with PGA Tour Pro, Rocco Mediate.

Rocco has 5 PGA Tour Victories, 1991 Doral-Ryder Open, 1993 K-Mart Greater Greensboro Open, 1999 Phoenix Open, 2000 Buick Open, and 2002 Great Greensboro Chrysler Open.

Rocco has also won the 1999 Calloway Pebble Beach Invitational, 2002 Franklin Templeton Shootout, and 2003 CVS Charity Classic.

You might be asking where the connection to the Canadian Music Scene is, Rocco is also a close friend to RUSH's ALex Lifeson, himself a avid if not obsessed golfer and part owner of the Coppinwood Golf Course located in Uxbridge, Ontario.

TCMS: In a previous interview you had mentioned that your middle son was interested in playing the guitar and Alex had given him some tips, how has that progressed?

Rocco: He is not as serious but he plays a little bit the fact that Alex has helped him is a lot of fun.

TCMS: You also mentioned that besides golf you would have liked to be a musician, have you learned to play the guitar?

Rocco: I have absolutely no musical talent at all and havenít done anything.

TCMS: A few years back you did a ďPersonal LessonsĒ show with Alex on the Golf Channel, what was that like?

Rocco: That was a lot of fun, we had a ball, a really good time. Alex loves golf. The thing that impresses me the most about all three of the guys in the band is they still love what they do, the way they sing and play, the way they are and itís been forever, theyíve been around for a long time. In my opinion one of the top and most successful Rock and Roll bands in history, period!

TCMS: They just seem to get better and better

Rocco: They get better, Geddyís voice hasnít lost anything, Neil, they all have gotten better musically, itís a joke, itís ridiculous, itís really cool to know them.

TCMS: Have you had a chance to see any of the Time Machine shows?

Rocco: I was in LA with them during the rehearsals, I got to watch them rehearse at Sony Sound, the whole show twice and then I went to Chicago, I saw them live in Chicago. Itís been a lot of fun, because their my favourite by far. Iíll be out for a few more for sure.

TCMS: When your on tour with Alex do you get any rounds in?

Rocco: Oh yeah, when Iím out there we will play, he couldnít play in Chicago he was too busy, he plays all of the time, he plays more than me probably. Iíll tell you what, Coppinwood is very special, itís was my first time to play it yesterday, itís a very special place, you can see why itís successful, the people were fabulous we had a ball. I told Alex, we were texting yesterday, "I'm going to wear the Coppinwood stuff and the RUSH stuff this week", he said, ďOh thatís great, coolĒ. I'm just on my own thing right now no sponsors when it comes to hats.

TCMS: Last Question, it has been a long time goal of your's to visit Italy, has it happened?

Rocco: No I have not, one of these days when I can find the timeÖ

Rocco Mediate signing my AL-033 Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson ES-355 Guitar

Rocco Mediate signing my AL-033 Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson ES-355 Guitar

The Canadian Music Scene CREDITS: Paul Beaulieu for this Photo

The only disappointment I had today was that I could not spend more time with Rocco. I could tell that he is truly a big RUSH fan and close friend to Alex. I would have liked to share more stories with him, maybe some other day.

Like so many people associated with RUSH, whether it be crew, staff, or friends, Rocco seems like a true gentlemen and very sincere and nice person, it was truly my pleasure to meet with him today and I wish him the best at this yearís Canadian Open and in the future.

RUSH Nation, if youíre into golf, or not, throw your support behind Rocco visit Roccoís Facebook page at:

I will try and get a picture of Rocco with a RUSH hat later this week, check back soon.

I forgot one question, has he ever hit the Royal Flush at the Bellagio in Las Vegas?

Very special thank you to Terry Lenyk with Golf Canada and HUGE thank you to Doug Milne with PGA Tour!

Alex Lifeson signing my AL-033 Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson ES-355 Guitar

Alex signing my AL-033 after a round of golf

The Canadian Music Scene CREDITS: Paul Beaulieu for this Photo